Stratgy To Use Your Instagram Stories To Get More Followers — 5 Methods To Improve Your Stories

It was no secret that when Instagram launched stories back in 2016, it did so to compete with the increasing popularity of Snapchat. But since the creation of the IG story, they have become a pivotal part of the Instagram app.

Every day, more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Insta stories. And Instagram users share more than one billion stories each day. 

Instagrammers who’ve mastered how to use Instagram stories give users another avenue for content and a way to connect. Social Media Content Creator Jobs

But you might be wondering, do Instagram stories help you get followers?

The simple answer is yes. With an effective Instagram story strategy, you can boost your game and improve your social media marketing and business. 

Learning why and how to use Instagram stories to get more followers can be a great way to improve your profile on the social media platform. 

Keep reading to learn why you should use the feature and our top seven tips on how to use Instagram stories to get more followers: 

1. Create Excellent Content

When you post on stories, make sure you share compelling content people want. If you wouldn’t want to watch your stories, neither will your Instagram followers.

There are endless possibilities for creative Instagram story ideas, such as:

  • Exclusive content
  • Sneak peeks
  • Giveaways
  • New product launch
  • Educational content
  • Story series
  • Product reviews
  • Shoutouts

2. Use the Highlights Section

As you learn how to use Instagram stories to get more followers, do not neglect the Instagram highlights section on your profile page. These story highlights are pinned to your page and give people a chance to see specific content for more than 24 hours.

Stratgy To Use Your Instagram Stories

And if a new user visits your page and enjoys the highlights you posted, there’s a better chance they’ll follow you

3. Tag Your Posts

If you mention a person, brand, or location in your Instagram post, make sure to tag it.

When you tag someone, they have the option of adding it to their story, which can expose you to a new audience. Using a location marker, like a tag, lets you connect with people in that place.

4. Host a Takeover

Influencer marketing is an effective, fun way to boost your social media channels. It introduces an influencer’s followers to your page and gives your audience a fresh perspective.

Plus, it lets you look at your profile through someone else’s eyes. And that can help give you more Instagram story ideas for the future.

5. Increase Your Numbers 

If you have many likes and followers, people will be more impressed with your profile. And that encourages more people to follow you. Simple as that. 

As you improve your Instagram stories, you’ll start to see those numbers increase. But if you’re still asking, “Can you get followers from Instagram stories?” because your strategies are taking a while to cultivate results, you might need a boost.  

With, you can buy real Instagram followers that will help you grow your Instagram account

Stratgy To Use Your Instagram Stories

We offer genuine followers and likes in affordable packages tailored to your needs that can be delivered instantly. Improve your Instagram numbers quickly and easily to make your profile more attractive to potential new followers.

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