How to Get More Instagram Followers Easily (2022)

1. Instagram has 1.13 billion active users as of 2022 and is still growing. The social networking platform focuses on image and video, and has become a more competitive place to make your voice heard and get the followers needed to grow your business, show off your brand, or share your cause.

Some Instagram users are also seeking more followers to find more like-minded people who share similar interests and aren’t necessarily looking for business growth. Get your Instagram app and some creative ideas ready and we can help you connect to your audience using some of Instagram’s new features.

We also discuss a few easy methods to make connections and make yourself easier to find. Although you can buy Instagram followers from us, in this guide we’ll discuss 4 free ways to grow your Instagram audience.

1. Be Inclusive and Diverse

Including everyone on Instagram is both very useful and easy. Some users have hearing and visual disabilities. Facebook also reports that 85% of video and sound content are played on mute. Closed caption your videos automatically in IGTV – they offer 16 languages!

How Your Followers Watch Videos

Users will more likely watch a video when they can scan your closed captions with their eyes, especially if they are in the workplace or otherwise don’t want to disrupt the silence for others. It’s also important to speak clearly so your captions are clear and understandable. Your voice doesn’t always literally have to be heard, you can make sure it’s at least read!

Making these changes is a very simple and very easy way to include people that may have previously had a difficult time accessing your video.

Social Causes

Diversity also includes standing for your opinion on any number of social causes. Standing for a cause you believe in helps you connect with similar communities and increases loyalty to your brands just by letting people know your opinions about social subjects.

2. Using Instagram Reels

Imagine being able to make a commercial about yourself or your brand for everyone on Instagram to see. Instagram recently introduced a new feature that offers users the ability to share up to 30 second videos with music using the Instagram music library.

Where Are Reels?

The Reels feature sits prominently in the mobile app as the center button and is sure to draw the attention of new users. All users see Reels, not just your existing followers. By showing your Reels to all users, Reels offers the ability to go viral quickly using your own creativity and existing music.

Make something catchy and unique and you will find yourself in front of the eyes of people who could soon be your followers.

Like our upcoming section on IGTV, Reels are found with your profile, so new and existing followers can find the specific, short content from Reels quite easily.

A short Instagram reel can also be an effective way to build up to a larger video. Since Reels are presented to people interested in similar content, and not necessarily just your followers, you can create a sneak peek to a longer video that can lead to an Instagram user becoming your follower. We also recommend to buy Instagram views to further improve your chances of reaching the Explore feed.

The Cycle

As described above, here is an example

  • Create a short video about a topic. Don’t reveal much detail. Tell them to check out our profile/channel
  • Post the video as a reel.
  • Instagram users who are not your current followers see video
  • They hopefully follow you!
  • Read the next step about making your own IGTV series
  • Repeat

Make Your Own IGTV Series

Making an Instagram TV series allows you to gain new followers by making a series for your followers. More people are currently relying on social media platforms like Instagram for entertainment during recent lockdowns.

Providing a series of videos about something you care about gives IG users a reason to follow you. Videos also earn more engagement on Instagram and will likely lead new followers to your profile.


One could make a cooking or fashion series, showing their abilities on how to make and cook pasta or creating a series of videos to replicate the outfit of your favorite celebrity using more frugal brands.

Want to educate followers about wine? Make a series about doing taste tests and share your knowledge of vineyards, dates, and grapes. The possibilities are endless and up to your own imagination.

IGTV is also very easy to find with your profile with it’s own Instagram TV tab. Your users will easily find new content from your IGTV channel.

3. Be Human

Since users also want to interact with the human, transparent posts you make, be sure to be available to answer to some direct messages and replies to encourage connections. Direct interaction tells users you care and can lead to more followers, even amongst those watching your public interaction.

Share struggles that most anyone understands. You could talk about the frustrations of cooking a healthy meal, the positives about someone else in your life, or thoughts about the future. Most anything goes.

Just be real. You could also connect your struggles with other Instagram users who offer solutions to some struggles so both your brands gain followers

4. Promote Instagram Content on Other Platforms

Some of your social networks connect and can be used to gain more followers on Instagram. Making accounts with the popular and ever growing TikTok and Pinterest networks can lead to more followers.

TikTok and Pinterest make it easy to connect your Instagram account to find like-minded people on multiple social networks and grow your audience. Use posts within TikTok and Pinterest to tease exclusive and otherwise special content on your Instagram page.

You have many tools

Use every method of communication you have – from email to your own website to connect people to your Instagram and find more followers no matter which channel they came through.

Multiple Accounts, Multiple Networks

Many people use multiple social networks and may not have found you on other networks for whatever reason. Simply linking other profiles to your Instagram – and the other way around, can grow all your networks

Getting Followers Without Following

There’s no doubt that there are hundreds of ways to learn how to Get followers on Instagram without following. By focusing primarily on establishing your brand identity and building a solid audience, you’re well on your way. As long as you create original content authentic to you, your page is bound to see success.

Check out our website for more information about our Instagram services.

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